How to find a female?

How to find a female?

Today world wide spread the concept of “escort service.” There are plenty of forms of escorts: escort escort, escort on vacation … prerequisite to your variety of female model looks and intelligence.

Businessmen and wealthy people actively use escort. This service is widely accessible in Moscow, where there is an incredible amount of agencies, which prepare “frames” for each taste. By way of example, in case the client does not know other languages, he could simply choose a girl with philological education, if he could use a companion during company events, he offered her with familiarity with communications theory. Within the EU countries human eye the service is beyond their budget, the client provides the instantly to pre-meet and talk to over.

Escort services in Europe just isn’t sexual in nature, this is not true of our country.

Therefore i made a decision to find some ad and so they offer the most prverit girls. Looked via the sites, I discovered a sentence that interested me. Jobs named the “high-paying piece of work for women – work with an escort.”

The firm needed some girls from 18 to 30 within the elite escort agency. Promise you to ultimately earn real cash from 2.5 to five thousand dollars every thirty days. Job would have been to escort wealthy clients for banquets and parties. Subject to a closer relationship with all the customer. Accommodation in luxury apartments in the heart of the town. Free working arrangements plus the chance to match training. And free accessibility to the cosmetic salons, gyms, financing and more. Stop, the set is bound!

I hurried to dial the cell number. Friendly woman answered, in the center of the conversation taken on “you”, immediately asked myself is the project. I agreed. Over calmly explained the fact that customer pays, so contains the to do whatever he wants. I inquired: “Sex?”. The girl confirmed: “Yes, they have to pay …”.

Unfortunately, such announcements are only not just in the network, but on the web media.
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